My all time favorite Anime Fight scene. (Rock Lee vs Gara)

Most of us usually have something the listen to, or watch to get the adrenaline flowing. Some listen to rock , rap or watch some fight sequence. I have a good library of adrenaline inducing tracks on my iPhone. But the one visual adrenaline serum I treasure is Rock Lee vs Gara from Naruto. I remember watching this episode during my undergraduate program in my dorm room. I was beyond impressed. I watched this particular scene more than 10 times that day. It was just fantastic.
First off you have the originally unassuming character Rock Lee, who you expect to be mutilated by the brooding Gara. Only to find out that Rock Lee is one powerful taijutsu monster. Man! this scene was just spot on. The animation itself felt even smoother and more put together than the rest of the scenes. I am thinking is been more than 4 years since I first watched this episode, and I still rate it king among kings in anime fight sequences.

My Rating : ★★★★★


Do let me know what your favorite fight scenes are.

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