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So before I start, let me tell a story about my younger brother and artist P-shinobi. When we were much younger, we would always draw cars, dogs and birds of prey. Yeah I know... remarkably specific subjects. Back then , we really enjoyed drawing. Whenever we get back from school, we would draw our school sorrows away with our pencils and paper :D . Being the oldest , my skill at the time was far superior within the scope of a 10 year old's drawing ability. And my younger brother was always amazed at my prowess.

Over time, my interest in drawing was replaced by a love for building things. I enjoyed putting things together and seeing them work. A new passion in my life I can delve into in another blog entry. However my younger brother's love for drawing persisted. Over time he took a keen interest to the anime style of art. For over 10+ years my younger brother honed his craft purely for the love of it. He would get on art community sites to share his art with other fellow artists. Noticing his impeccable skills, I decided we could turn his passion into something lucrative. After a couple of ideas, we came up with Boomslank.

Since running our little establishment, we've noticed a lot of our fans have posted artwork on our page. One day, I took a look at our fan generated album and marveled at the number of artwork that has been posted on the page. Then my younger brother came up with a brilliant idea. The idea was to allow our fans share their artwork on our site and have their friends check them out. What I liked a lot about the idea , is that it embodies the very essence of what Boomslank is all about... which is "Love what you do and do what you love".

So in the spirit of our mantra, we will be rolling out a social experiment on our site which will allow anime loving artists to post their artwork on our site and share it with their friends. The 6 artists whose works garner the most appreciation will win awesome prizes from us. So please stay tuned.

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