Anime art contest . Pilot program.


Is finally here! Well sorta... This is a pilot launch of the contest. However the rewards for the winners are still very real, we will use this opportunity to flush out any kinks in the
project with this pilot. We've secretly contacted a couple friendly artists to try it out. So far so good.

Alright let's get straight to business and talk about the art contest. The rules are really simple.

  • Upload an original work of art via the Facebook connection at Art contest
  • Share that original work of art by liking it, tweeting it or stumbling it. (I recommend you do all three)

The top 5 winners are determined in the order of the number of likes acquired by each image. And here are the rewards:

(Rewards are only redeemable on the Boomslank store)

  • 1st Price : $25 coupon
  • 2nd Price : $20 coupon
  • 3rd Price : $15 coupon
  • 4th Price : $10 coupon
  • 5th Price : $5 coupon

All 5 winners will have their artworks featured on our page with their permission of course :)

If there was ever time it paid to have more than 500 friends on Facebook, this would be it. Go here to start submitting your work Art contest. Good luck!

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