Art contest is back!


The monthly art contest is back!!! If you are just visiting the site, you will notice that we redesigned it again.Not really going to go into details about the need for the redesign. Just know that the site is friendlier and it looks better. At least I think it looks better. :)

Anyway the art contest has been rebooted. The art submission process is a little more involved. ( :( sorry).
We now require that our artists register as users on the site. This will make sure that we know how to reach you in the case you win, or in the rare occasion in which we are feeling generous and just want send out prizes to all the artists who take part in the contest. Also people have complained about having to submit their artwork via the Facebook membership. I can see why folks would have a problem with that. But fear not, instructions on how to submit your work is well documented! :D.You can visit the submission process page to find out more.The rewards have changed too. We now award 6 people instead of 5 people in the past. We no longer offer flat discounts, rather we offer percentage based discounts. Read the rules and rewards page to find out more.

We hope to see more people take part in the contest. Can't wait to see just how talented folks are! My brothers and I already love two truly talented artists that have participated in the past months. They know who they are ;).
To start showing off your skills go visit our new art contest page

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