Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Those of you that followed us, since inception know that we love anime. I mean we really love anime.
So when we started the art contest, we were hoping to meet anime lovers and scope out their art. We created the art contest around a reward based incentive. We rewarded a select few each month whose art work either showed up as most popular or most impressive.

The art contest program was launched on February of this year. Since then we've had the pleasure of meeting some amazing artists. Folks like TorinoName, Chinchiruki, Rizuki.ace and Gunnercraft to name a few are truly amazing artist. The contest for a while ran fairly well. But soon problems arose.

Some people didn't take part because they felt they weren't good enough. Which was really unfortunate, since the idea behind the art contest was to encourage people to share their art work regardless of skill level. Another problem that arose were complaints that the art submission process was a bit jarring. People complained about having to create a profile before having to upload their artwork. These problems and a couple more marred the purpose of the art contest. So being a typical engineer (problem solver) I set out to give the art contest one more revamp. Enter the new art contest page. Actually... is no longer art contest page. It is a fan art page. What is this? It is the product of lessons learned from the earlier art contests programs. It is also the proud result of 12 straight hours of coding JavaScript, PHP and HTML . Not to mention I don't drink soda or coffee. So... you can imagine how I felt around 8am this morning.The all new Fan art page is all about sharing your artwork. No rewards, no judging and no profiles! Just simply upload you artwork and you can also provide a link to your deviant art page, Flickr page or online portfolio. The simpler and cleaner interface ensures that your experience on the page will be easy-going. So check it out and get going submitting your master piece.
Visit the new Fan Art Page.
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