Side Quest redesigned for phone cases

A lot of you have been anticipating a Side Quest design for Phone Cases. And David decided to create a modified version just for them. 

David's thoughts on the design:

I created this because I wanted this "RPG" concept on some of our other products, but I didn't want us to recycle the t-shirts art. I went with a "Chibi-RPG" style that is often used in Square Enix Nintendo games, so I think that also connects to the gaming theme and kind of makes this a collectible pair with the shirt. In this art, I replaced the "attack names" with "RPG job classes" (which RPG fans will pick up on), making it a different from the shirt.

We hope to have this ready near the end of October. 

One more thing.. the following phones will be added to our collection.
iPhone 12 (all of them)
Pixel 5
Samsung S20 FE (Strong maybe)

Hopefully they'll all be available before December.

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