News and Hearsay — anime tshirt


Airport is actually our first  anime t-shirt ever. When we had it printed, we had no idea what the printing process entailed. We only later learned of the limitations of the process. Our original Airport design had a manga style inspiration. We were pretty excited about it. We were pretty sure it would print. When we got in touch with our printer, she immediately made her concerns known. She enlightened us on the limitations of screen printing and color budgeting. Despite all that, we went ahead and asked to have it printed, regardless of how it make come out. It...

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So Ronin is our latest anime graphic t-shirt. This shirt is pretty special as its production was met with blood curdling setbacks. Ronin was ideally set to be released on late January. Unfortunately our printers had ran out of the custom tags that they normally stitch onto our shirts for that Boomslank brand experience. In retrospect it was my fault for not tracking this properly. As if I had tracked our hem-tag inventory, I would have re stocked in time for the Ronin. Anyway, having run out of tags, we went to our supplier out in Canada to get more...

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Flag reprints are in !

A number of you are going to be really glad to hear this. Reprints for the Flag are now available! Plenty of size small as per popular demand :) Oh and we now have them in XXLs! Buy

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