News and Hearsay

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Join our LETS DRAW series and draw with BOOMSLANK! Each month will feature a new theme. This month's theme is "NEW YEAR". Basically draw whatever comes to mind whenever you think of the new year.


A quick little artsy in the Halloween spirit (no pun intended). Hope you all had a fun Halloween! ^_^. I have not uploaded much lately, I have drawn a few things that are to be uploaded soon.

A lot of people have asked my brother to put up video tutorials on his process. Believe me , we actually think that's a good idea. We will have to get to it sometime. Would give us an excuse to have a proper Youtube channel. In the meantime I would point out that nothing improves skill like good old practice.

So before I start, let me tell a story about my younger brother and artist P-shinobi. When we were much younger, we would always draw cars, dogs and birds of prey. Yeah I know... remarkably...