News and Hearsay — Conventions

Blue Serengeti

We've visited three conventions so far in the span of this year. Many more convention trips to come next year btw :D . What we found at each convention was a lot of interest in a one-off poster we sold at those conventions. This poster was known as the Blue Serengeti. People at the conventions would ask us if this particular poster was also sold on our online store. Unfortunately it wasn't at the time. So, a couple of weeks ago we figured, why not sell it?

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Justin A


Animazement Loot!

This blog is a little late (actually really late >_>")... This is the first of a two part journal entry about my Animazement experience (actually went with my big brother Kevin lots of help!!). We participated in the artist Alley (more pics to come) But I really want to highlight some of the OMFG amazing talent of the other artist there!! O__O" Needless to say I paid homage to these masters! purchased their beautiful work and adorned my room with them. I love the feeling in here and the inspiration I get from them. Here are some of the artist...

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Boomslank at the con, part deux!

Yes folks it's that time again. Boomslank just got back from another con! This time around, it was Animazement in beautiful Raleigh NC, USA (our home base by the way). This con has a special place in our hearts. Why, you ask? Well our artist got his first bit of recognition in the art gallery/auction room, winning 1st place in the 2D art contest. We knew we had to go this year, we just had to. We had learned a lot in our first con (IchibanCon), and we were not going unprepared this time around. We planned weeks in advance....

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