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Boomslank at the Con: Animazement 2014

Man how long has it been? October 2015, soooooo....7 months? 7 months since our last con! You better believe we were long overdue! After missing out on Ichibancon this year (technical difficulties, long story), my brothers and I were stating to feel that itch, you know, the con itch. We already had our registration in the bag, all we had to do was make it to May. Slowly but surely, May arrived, and it was time for Animazement!   Animazement! Uber Alles! Where do I begin with Animazement? Well besides being the most awesome Con around......well....that's about it really. I...

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Boomslank at the con, part deux!

Yes folks it's that time again. Boomslank just got back from another con! This time around, it was Animazement in beautiful Raleigh NC, USA (our home base by the way). This con has a special place in our hearts. Why, you ask? Well our artist got his first bit of recognition in the art gallery/auction room, winning 1st place in the 2D art contest. We knew we had to go this year, we just had to. We had learned a lot in our first con (IchibanCon), and we were not going unprepared this time around. We planned weeks in advance....

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Boomslank going to Animazement!

After our experience at Ichibancon, naturally we were hungry for some more. Animazement is the con here in our home-town of Raleigh, and we hold it near and dear for a few reasons. First, it was the first convention we have ever attended, ever, in our lives. I remember thinking it was absolutely crazy, in an awesome way. I mean where else would you go that a life-size Pokemon battle would seem completely appropriate? By the way, Blastoise won. Secondly, it was the first place where our artist got his first bit of public recognition. We had simply set out...

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Boomslank at the con

As most of you know, this past weekend Boomslank was at our very first convention. Don't get me wrong, as individuals, we have been to conventions. This time though, we went not as individuals, but as Boomslank, so yea, kind of a big deal. We always knew we would have to do a con sooner or later, but we've been to Animazement in Raleigh, NC and have seen how overwhelming they can be. In other words, we were.....kinda scared. So we decided to start small at the artist alley at IchibanCon in Charlotte instead. Great idea, I thought. Going as...

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