Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Beautifully animated anime. Oh how I've missed you.

There is no need for words here. Just watch the trailer. Tell me it doesn't take you back to the days of what I can only refer as "organic animation" of anime. Notice the little to no use of cell shading? Thats right, this is a mature looking anime. Just watching it, you start to get hints of Cow Boy Bebop all over the place. I would gamble that the same people are behind it.
And as if this eye watering animation wasn't enough, Yoko freaking Kano is the composer for the show. :P

This upcoming gem is called Zankyō no Terror.
July 01, 2014 by Justin A

I fear anime might be getting worse. Or at least lazier.


This is purely my subjective opinion I guess. But I don't share a strong kinship with a lot of the anime currently out there. So last week I revisited an old classic; Cowboy Bebop. I mainly watched it just because I was bored. Turns out it was an insult that I watched it out of boredom. It was really good. The animation and attention to detail was remarkable. I was really surprised by how impressed I was with this OVA that I've seen maybe 5 times before. It was only later when I watched an episode of Girls Und Panza that I realized why I thoroughly enjoyed Cowboy Bebop.

(Maybe I am old fashioned, but what the crap?!)

This show and a lot of "Moe" like shows like it tend to have this pedophile vibe about it, that I naturally find revolting.
Don't get me wrong, while this is just my opinion, I am certain there are people out there that live for shows like Girls Und Panza. It does get surprisingly detailed with its Tank taxonomy. But seriously how do you compare that kind of story telling to this:

And don't forget this.

You see is not just the introduction of the whole Moe movement that has caused me to despise some anime so deeply. But it is also the laziness that I have observed in recent anime shows. Anime shows of today rely heavily on canned 3-D animations. These CGI scenes clash quite badly with the scenes in the show. Gone are the days of shows where everything is drawn and animated in the traditional 2-D way. Some of these shows cell-shade their environment or use 3-D objects to fill in the background. And is hard not to notice the monotonous movements of template 3-D characters. Is quite awful actually.

Golgo 13 is actually one of my favorite anime shows out there. But this particular one regardless of how old it is, ruined a scene with CGI. Horrible CGI at that. While Golgo 13 is a classic, I used this example to illustrate my point on how the introduction of CGI in anime is robbing the franchise of its artistic splendor.

Now while all this boils down to the subjective opionion of one guy, you can't help but notice that an anime legend feels the same way.
I'd seriously hate to think that in the future, gems like Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell and many others that used define anime, may become a thing of the past. I understand the need to save time and money in making these things, but isn't it also important to maintain the artistic integrity and wonder that anime is known for? When you end up pandering to masses (The cliche Otakus of today) you end up loosing your way. 

February 22, 2014 by Justin A

The beautiful world of Tekkonkinkreet


Aside from a tongue twister of a tittle, Tekkonkinkreet has to be one of the most relaxing anime, I have seen in a while. Actually all Hayao Miyazaki anime have that effect for me too. But Tekkonkinkreet takes this endorphin releasing effect to a whole new level.

Let me start off by saying that if you watch enough anime, you notice that not only are they subdivided into genres, but they are also divided even further based on the drawing styles. In fact, I am willing to bet that there anime fans that are really partial to shows like Denno Coil, Tekkonkinkreet, Cowboy bebop and most of Hayao Miyazaki's works, while on the other hand there are those interested in anything by Clamp.

I don't know what proper term for shows like Tekkonkinkreet can accurately group them. Shows where there is an almost sickening attention to detail when it comes to the environment. In Tekkonkinkreet one can tell there is more time and talent invested in the environment than character design. And I don't think that would bother anyone once they are immersed in the glorious world of Tekkonkinkreet.


Calling it an attention to detail is really an insulting understatement, when you consider that in a certain scene you notice pointless details like rust on a tank of propane. Or you see the tell-tale signs of hard water on toilet drains. All these microscopic details all add up to paint a contradictory mixture of rusticity and sophistication.


What I find ironic, is that I drool at the sight of the environment, while I loathe dirty public areas in the real world. The environment from Tekkonkinkreet was inspired by real locations. Oddly enough photographs of these places don't compare to their 2-dimensional renditions nor are they relaxing.