News and Hearsay — Digimon

Kevin A

New Digimon Season to Actually Be Excited About

  There are few occassions in life when it would be okay to crap one's pants in excitement. For me, this was one of them. There is a new Digimon season on the way. Check out the character design which is quite a bit different. They are bringing back the original Digi-destined (those who matter know what this means), which is great. What I am most excited about is the people who will be creating this new season, most notably Cencoroll's Atsuya Uki on character designs. If you're anything like me, the last few seasons of this franchise left you somewhat disappointed....

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Justin A

Anime World

On days like this, a Saturday when I have absolutely nothing to do, I always find myself wishing I could escape to the world of my favorite anime. Actually this happens on all the other days too :).   I'd say the top of my list is probably Digimon. Having a super powerful computerized pet that does my bidding, I mean how sweet is that? Pretty much like having a robot, so no animal rights conflicts there (looking at you, Pokemon).Of course it would need to come without the responsibility of saving the digital world and all that jazz. Can't...

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Fist of the North Star. A true anime gem.

  Enter Fist of the North Star. Some of you might already know that I got a premium Crunchyroll account. So after having watched what I considered all the good stuff on Crunchyroll, I thought I go retro just for kicks. So I watched one random episodes of Fist of The North Star. And a funny thing happened, I enjoyed how the bad guys were....

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Sword Art Online is like watching a Final Fantasy game

I let me just start off by saying that I love my Roku! As an Apple disciple it took me a while to overcome my natural bias for anything that wouldn't fit into the Mac ecosystem I created for myself at home. But buying the Roku is one of the smartest things I have done with my money this year. Hulu plus on the Roku is such an awesome combination when it comes to anime. And I sure have been getting my feel of new anime in decent HD fashion :D !

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