News and Hearsay — flag

Justin A

Flag reprints are now available.

So first of all, I know we are doing things over here at Boomslank rather slowly. But believe me when I say the last thing we want to do is disappoint our fans. Especially our loyal fans that pretty much look out for us, buy every single thing we sell, and from time to time drop us a kind word or two.

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Shopify API

Flag and Airport reprints. Reprints!

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Coming Soon... (New product!)

Hey guys, we've been tinkering with new mediums for our art, and one of the best mediums we came up with was the iPhone 4. So after doing some due diligence , we found and partnered with Case-mate, a company that produces iPhone cases. They will be helping us with getting our unique iPhone 4 cases to you guys. These are some prototypes we've worked on. We plan on rolling out new designs for the iPhone 4 cases. So stay tuned.

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Filling up the wall

Being the cornball that I am, I have decided to add a flyer for each design we create to my bedroom wall. At the moment , we have seven designs, so seven flyers. The plan is to fill up the wall with nothing but flyers of each t-shirt design we come up with. Here is a preview. Will update the picture as major milestones are reached.

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