News and Hearsay — Japan

2015 International Festival of Raleigh

I recently volunteered to assist in preparing the Japan booth for the 2015 International Festival of Raleigh. The theme for this year was "30-year history" so we did a theme of the 30-year history of Japanese games. The group came up with an awesome idea of designing the booth to resemble the first level of Mario and the other to look like Pac-Man! Then we invited people to take pictures in front of the backdrops (this was very popular with the kids). The images were hand created by a talented member of the Nippon Club of the Triangle.   On the...

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Justin A

Meanwhile somewhere in Japan

The Japanese are known for their weird quirky things. And this clip is proof that they haven't lost their touch.Honestly, I don't rememeber the last time I had a burger from a fast food joint. They're all freaking disgusting in my opinion.And this clip took that grossness to another level. Yet... it was strangely relaxing watch as the person took their time to create a happy meal out of mystery powder.

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Zero Frame

I have always been a huge fan of anime involving mecha (anime talk for machines). Shows like Gundam series, Evangelion, Escaflowne, Code Geass, even the classic Transformers all fall under this category. I love the mechanical details the artists put into the machines. One could almost imagine them existing in the real world. So I really wanted to design a mecha themed shirt, but also illustrate a cutaway art of the mecha showing some of the internal mechanical goblins ^_^. I also used a member of our ever-increasing cast of mascots, "Mie chan: as the pilot

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My visit to Uniqlo

So a week ago from today, I took a needed hiatus. And as part of my newly found love for travelling, I decided to go visit New York City. Oh by the way, if you live in the US and you haven't been, you should definitely consider it. Of all the places worth checking out, I made a quick stop at the Uniqlo store on Soho. I was curious to see what they offered in the realm of anime. Verdict: While Uniqlo is an awesome brain child of Japanese entrepreneurs, it is mainly focused on the boutique fashion brand image....

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