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Top five must-see series in the mecha genre

As a mechanical engineer by trade, it should come as no surprise that the mecha genre holds a soft spot in my heart. Some people watch Gundam and wonder what it'll take to pilot one. I always wondered what it'll take to build one (what's the going rate on a kilo of Gundanium alloy these days?). Don't get me wrong, all genre of anime have their gems, they're must sees for anyone who claims to be an otaku. That said, there are no words to describe the beauty of a well done mecha series. Here is MY list of the...

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Justin A

Robot Girls Z: Not Nichijou, but It'll Do

One of my new favorite genres has been the slice-of-life anime comedies. These shows don't seem to have a real plot, which I really appreciate (my attention span is not the best), and they are just flat out hilarious. I call them the Seinfelds of anime. We all know the greats like Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. With those shows having run their course, it is time we found a new one, and I think the makers of Robot Girls Z may have just delivered.   Robot Girl Z is one of the latest productions by Toei, and is a straight...

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Why should iPhone owners have all the nice things? Phone cases...

Why should iPhone owners have all the nice things? Phone cases are now available for Galaxy S4s.

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