Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Naruto Shippuden. The Kakashi arc.


The current Naruto Shippuden arc is actually quite alright with me. I have only seen episode so far, but I already appreciate that it is happening. Usually I despise arcs and I especially despise the Naruto franchise for using it habitually. But this one actually does some very important thing for the story. It brings perspective. It shows you some parts of the history that actually helps complete a picture. Watching this arc so far, I get a good sense that Kakashi is a very integral character in Naruto. Also he is by far my favorite character.
February 09, 2014 by Justin A

Fist of the North Star. A true anime gem.


Enter Fist of the North Star. Some of you might already know that I got a premium Crunchyroll account. So after having watched what I considered all the good stuff on Crunchyroll, I thought I go retro just for kicks. So I watched one random episodes of Fist of The North Star. And a funny thing happened, I enjoyed how the bad guys were....

Ad infinitum

I vividly remember the first time I heard about Pokemon. I literally went to bed one night on a perfectly normal day, and the next day, I woke up and everyone was talking about this thing. It was kinda weird. This was over a decade ago, and I hear the show is still alive and well. Remember the original opening theme? Remember when we thought Mew-2 was the baddest Pokemon around?

REMEMBER WHEN THERE WERE ONLY 150?!!!! How many are there now? Gotta catch 'em all? HA, good luck!

At what point does a series run for so long that maybe it becomes time to give it an honorable discharge? It all comes back to profitability. Shows like Pokemon, One Piece, and Naruto are such bottomless wells of money in many ways other than TV, it will almost be ill-advised to cut them off after 200 or so episodes. Why stop when there are so many Nintendo games to be made? So many playing cards to be sold?

I prefer my anime shorter. I typically max out at around 46 or so, like with most of the Gundam series. I find that the shorter a series is, the more coherent the story is, in return making for a better show. Case in point, Read or Die, Bakemonogatari, Death Note, Infinite Ryvius to name a few. When a show runs on and on with no end in sight, I feel like it eventually has to run out of track, like a train that...well....runs out of track!

Bear in mind that this is only my opinion, and I'm sure there is something to like in a show that's 200+ episodes long. Maybe someone out there can explain it to me? In closing I would like to make a recommendation for Bakemonogatari. If you are looking for a show that is modern, deep, and won't waste your time, look no further. If you've already seen it, do let us know what you thought.

My all time favorite Anime Fight scene. (Rock Lee vs Gara)

Most of us usually have something the listen to, or watch to get the adrenaline flowing. Some listen to rock , rap or watch some fight sequence. I have a good library of adrenaline inducing tracks on my iPhone. But the one visual adrenaline serum I treasure is Rock Lee vs Gara from Naruto. I remember watching this episode during my undergraduate program in my dorm room. I was beyond impressed. I watched this particular scene more than 10 times that day. It was just fantastic.
First off you have the originally unassuming character Rock Lee, who you expect to be mutilated by the brooding Gara. Only to find out that Rock Lee is one powerful taijutsu monster. Man! this scene was just spot on. The animation itself felt even smoother and more put together than the rest of the scenes. I am thinking is been more than 4 years since I first watched this episode, and I still rate it king among kings in anime fight sequences.

My Rating : ★★★★★


Do let me know what your favorite fight scenes are.

April 19, 2011 by boomslank