Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

leseanthomas: This kid Gyimah Litsitso Gariba is incredibly...


This kid Gyimah Litsitso Gariba is incredibly talented. I see him making a name for himself very soon. Watch out for him. ‪#‎MakeStuff‬ 

July 17, 2013 by Shopify API

What are you passionate about?


Those who have read my subjective post on passion vs hard work know, where I stand on passion. So rather than go into a rant about why once again passion is very important, I will rather have you all watch this video. And see how this nine year old genius lets his passion do all the talking for him . 8-)

April 11, 2012 by boomslank

Passionate people make great entrepreneurs while hard working people make great employees.


If you were asked today, which is better, a hard work ethic or passion? What would your response be?
I am not going to assume your answer, but I'll tell you this, it was only this year that I understood the advantages of passion over a hard work ethic. Obviously, I needn't reiterate that a hard work ethic
is absolutely important in life. However when it comes to success passion is key.

If you plan to be successful at anything, you have to be passionate about whatever that thing is. Just working hard without passion will be an exercise in futility. Eventually you will give out... the human body can only take so much abuse.

Case in point, back in my undergrad years, my buddy and I decided to create a website that would allow students to trade used textbooks with other students, thereby avoiding reselling back to bookstores at a massive loss. The idea was pretty solid in my opinion. The fact that every student was aware that the bookstores were ripping them off, made a strong case for the need of our website. Anyway, being two inexperienced creatures, we decided to pick up PHP coding books and figure out what we needed to create a site of this nature. We managed to crank out a site in about a month or two. Then came the difficult part. Getting people to use the site. I gotta tell ya, marketing is really difficult. We had a hard time getting these skeptical students to join our site and list their used items for sales. We did manage to get some people using them. Only 400+ students out of 24,000 :( .
It became pretty obvious that coding the site wasn't going to be the most challenging stage of the pipeline. Unfortunately my buddy/partner in crime was starting to lose steam. I remember the exact words he used when he bailed out; "I feel like I am beating a dead horse. I am done with this crap. You can continue if you want. I am out. See ya.". I did the best I could on my own till I succumbed to the discouraging lack of progress in adoption.

Moral of that story is my friend and I lacked the passion for that project. We were both very hard workers that's for sure. We literally learned a new language just to create the site. However we were very interested in the superficial reward of the project. The lack of passion made us very vulnerable to the usual obstacles that one encounters when trying to start a modest venture. Strong cases for passion leading to success can be found in many success stories. Consider the clothing line Ugmonk by Jeff Sheldon. Jeff Sheldon, always had a love for typography and minimal design. Overtime what was more of an exercise in passion, gradually became a full-blown business. Now Ugmonk is a well-known clothing line that's has made cameos in shows and movies. Jeff's success was all based on his strong passion in typography. This passion definitely provided him with the stamina he needed to push past the inevitable obstacles that faces all startups.

When someone is passionate about what they do, they do things without the notion of reward. They do it purely for the enjoyment. As a result, profit or no profit, they are happy. And that's really imperative. Hard workers will always do things with a linear attitude. Most hard workers will work under the philosophy that their hard work will be rewarded. Passionate people on the hand will engage in their passion because they already feel rewarded. Passionate people will always have a stronger fortitude for hardship since they are immune to the obstacles that will eventually conquer reward seeking hard workers. And this is why passionate people always make great entrepreneurs while hard workers make great employees.

October 01, 2011 by boomslank

Sick and tired of doing things I don't feel like doing.


If it isn't middle school it's high school , if it isn't high school it's college, if it isn't college it's a job and if it isn't a job, it's another job. For most of us , it is hard to escape this cookie cutter pipeline. Doing things the safe but boring way has become a reality for a lot of us. In middle school , I remember thinking adults were really lucky. I assumed that older people were luckier. That they were privileged, therefore they had more freedom. Get to high school and the envy of older folks continues. Always thinking it will only get better as I pass each stage in life.

Highschool was a trip. However I always hated the home works. I didn't enjoy doing them, yet I had to do them. They were necessary for my development as a responsible person. I understand that... and I will do it again if I went back in time. But I digress. College, was even worse. You had the projects, the labs , the home works and not to mention the soul crushing tests and exams you had to study for. The tests and the exams reminded you of your obligation as a college student . Those things sucked . Even while writing this , I can't help but remember bad memories of always falling below the average class grade on the tests. What a depressing experience that was. I am really happy I can look back on those days and shudder. While in college spending unhealthy hours in the computer labs , I consoled myself by thinking of the high paying engineering job I will most likely secure by the end of the torture. Well, I graduated and I am fortunate to say amidst all the economic woes , I secured a job.

Less than a year into the job , while struggling to meet a deadline, it dawned on me that, the underlining struggles of my life hasn't really changed that much. I was richer, I had more freedom, but the apprehensive feeling from responsibility was even stronger. The excitement and passion I assured myself while spending the long nights in the labs hasn't begun. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Nothing has really changed. Sitting in my cubicle and punching away at the keyboard to churn out code for a product I am clearly not endeared to, I realized that my dream of truly enjoying life is still fantasy. Absolutely nothing has changed, your deadline at work is similar to your deadline for projects. Miss the deadlines often enough and your punishment will be a lot more potent than getting a C- on a project. In fact the work environment is a lot more stressful due to politics and the non linear approach to dealing with certain problems such as other employees and promotions.
Heck I felt so jaded that the idea of a promotion didn't comfort me one bit. I had no interest in moving up a ladder I didn't want to climb in the first place. Would like to mention that my job is great as far as jobs go. My boss is the coolest guy in my department. And folks at work don't patronize either, which is great. However in the grand scheme of things , I am really not happy to know that this is what I have to show for my earlier struggles; More struggle.
I would love to one day get up and travel to Sweden and Japan within the span of one month and not have to worry about how my bills will be paid. Obviously the only way I can make this happen is to find a way to make money off what I really enjoy doing. Once I start enjoying my "job" I will never work a day in my life ever again.

The cookie cutter pipeline most of us are bound to be part of, will not go away unless we make a bold stand to find something we are passionate about. Is hard and scary to consider branching off a proven path, but you have only one life to live and we all owe it to ourselves to enjoy it before the inevitable.

January 19, 2011 by boomslank