Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

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May 17, 2012 by boomslank

Anime art contest . Pilot program.


Is finally here! Well sorta... This is a pilot launch of the contest. However the rewards for the winners are still very real, we will use this opportunity to flush out any kinks in the
project with this pilot. We've secretly contacted a couple friendly artists to try it out. So far so good.

Alright let's get straight to business and talk about the art contest. The rules are really simple.

  • Upload an original work of art via the Facebook connection at Art contest
  • Share that original work of art by liking it, tweeting it or stumbling it. (I recommend you do all three)

The top 5 winners are determined in the order of the number of likes acquired by each image. And here are the rewards:

(Rewards are only redeemable on the Boomslank store)

  • 1st Price : $25 coupon
  • 2nd Price : $20 coupon
  • 3rd Price : $15 coupon
  • 4th Price : $10 coupon
  • 5th Price : $5 coupon

All 5 winners will have their artworks featured on our page with their permission of course :)

If there was ever time it paid to have more than 500 friends on Facebook, this would be it. Go here to start submitting your work Art contest. Good luck!

February 09, 2012 by boomslank

All shirts are now $25!

All tees 25

So, yesterday or was it Tuesday, my brothers and I, met and we talked about how we could make the shirts cheaper for you guys. We noticed that the shirts would be cheaper to print if we ordered in larger quantities. Well , fortunately the profits from last year's sales, provided us with the opportunity to increase our volume.

So to keep from rambling, all our shirts will now be going for $25! Also keep an eye out for newer products coming soon. ;)

To all the artists out there...

art union

So before I start, let me tell a story about my younger brother and artist P-shinobi. When we were much younger, we would always draw cars, dogs and birds of prey. Yeah I know... remarkably specific subjects. Back then , we really enjoyed drawing. Whenever we get back from school, we would draw our school sorrows away with our pencils and paper :D . Being the oldest , my skill at the time was far superior within the scope of a 10 year old's drawing ability. And my younger brother was always amazed at my prowess.

Over time, my interest in drawing was replaced by a love for building things. I enjoyed putting things together and seeing them work. A new passion in my life I can delve into in another blog entry. However my younger brother's love for drawing persisted. Over time he took a keen interest to the anime style of art. For over 10+ years my younger brother honed his craft purely for the love of it. He would get on art community sites to share his art with other fellow artists. Noticing his impeccable skills, I decided we could turn his passion into something lucrative. After a couple of ideas, we came up with Boomslank.

Since running our little establishment, we've noticed a lot of our fans have posted artwork on our page. One day, I took a look at our fan generated album and marveled at the number of artwork that has been posted on the page. Then my younger brother came up with a brilliant idea. The idea was to allow our fans share their artwork on our site and have their friends check them out. What I liked a lot about the idea , is that it embodies the very essence of what Boomslank is all about... which is "Love what you do and do what you love".

So in the spirit of our mantra, we will be rolling out a social experiment on our site which will allow anime loving artists to post their artwork on our site and share it with their friends. The 6 artists whose works garner the most appreciation will win awesome prizes from us. So please stay tuned.

Bloggers 30% Twitter 10%


If you are a blogger write something about us, linking back to our site. Email us the link to the post and get a custom coupon for 30% off your entire order on the site. (support@boomslank.com)

If you are on twitter, follow us and mention us on a tweet with a link to our site. We will send you a custom coupon for 10% off your entire order on the site.

These coupons have no deadlines on them. However they are only good for a one time use.

September 05, 2011 by boomslank

Find out how our latest shirt could be yours for free!!!


Coming soon

Our latest design "Zero Frame". Is underway and you could win it, if you are lucky. For starters to increase your chances of winning , you can share this on your Facebook profile and tweet to your heart's content. All these will earn you points towards winning.
Find out more at:


Disclaimer: Shirt of your choice has to be available at the time. If your choice isn't available, we will give you a gift card worth the value of the shirt. :D