Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

Slice of Life... My new anime indulgence.

If you asked me a couple years ago, what anime did I look forward to watching each week, I would mention the likes of Naruto, Bleach and basically any Gundam anime running at the time. Although some of those typical shows still make up my daily anime diet, I've started mixing in a genre that doesn't really push they typical fantastical lifestyle that anime is known for. In fact, I have started watching a lot of anime that seem to mirror real life more. 
These shows tend to have no real objective other than to show the mundane side of life. Normally I would find such a show mind numbing but I think overexposure to they hyperactive side of anime has created a subconscious yearning for a simpler less overstimulating genre. Rather than go into a predictable storyline about the hero's unique ability to quickly learn a very powerful energy blast, they mainly focus on everyday gems like, love, work , cooking, making sake and everything else in between. For those of you curious about this Slice of life genre here are some I am watching. 


This is by far one of the funniest anime shows out there. Please watch it just for that reason alone. Nichijou is what I call a sleeper anime. It is ridiculously good considering that is quite understated. You get a feel for how popular an anime is based on the number folks cosplaying it. Case and point, everyone wants to cosplay as an Attack On Titan character. I absolutely love the awkward and absurd nature of Nichijou. It really sells the simple life while making it absolutely hilarious. As usual this show has no point to it. Is almost hard to tell if the episodes are linked in anyway.

Each episodes seems to be about some random event that ultimately requires awkward dialogue and behavior.


Servant X Service

This is another show that I truly enjoy watching. Patiently waiting on season 2. It tells a story of five employees working for a function of the government. I believe they are known as civil servants everywhere else but the United States. Unlike Nichijou the hook for me is watching the various flavors of office romance trying to germinate. Although it wraps it up with a lot of humor. 

Squid Girl

At first you would think the name indicated some really perverted Hentai awaited you. But thats pleasantly not the case. Squid Girl is an incredibly innocent story about a young girl who dwells in the ocean. She came to the surface to apparently conquer it. Being fed up with how much the surface had polluted the ocean. Thats what the plot is supposed to be about. But when you begin to watch the show, you realize that her original agenda of conquering the surface can wait.

Moyasimo: A Tale about agriculture

Moyasimo is really unique. We all know anime is full of shows that try out really unique story lines. But Moyasimo tries something I never considered could make an interesting story. Basically the show is about a young man who can see bacteria. Don't ask me how they managed such a story, but it seems to be working. Especially since the setting is in agricultural college. A lot of it revolves around wine making and how bacteria interacts with basic ingredient to create alcohol. To be honest, my craving for some sake peaks whenever I watch this show. All the same I tend to watch it with one of those Japanese looking ceramic cups I picked up from iKea (love that store) . 

There are many other Slice of Life anime shows out there waiting to be discovered. If you know of any that you enjoyed watching, please enlighten me. :)