Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters
Boomslank 2019 Convention Schedule

Boomslank 2019 Convention Schedule

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So Ronin is our latest anime graphic t-shirt. This shirt is pretty special as its production was met with blood curdling setbacks. Ronin was ideally set to be released on late January. Unfortunately our printers had ran out of the custom tags that they normally stitch onto our shirts for that Boomslank brand experience. In retrospect it was my fault for not tracking this properly. As if I had tracked our hem-tag inventory, I would have re stocked in time for the Ronin. Anyway, having run out of tags, we went to our supplier out in Canada to get more tags, but our supplier was on vacation and had assumed that her employees would do the right thing and take care of us. But her employees went out their way to do the wrong thing. They turned of their phones and ignored my countless emails to them to restock on tags. Calling them everyday and going straight to voicemail was really painful. And I was rather reluctant to go to a new supplier as we found a good routine with these guys. But eventually I had to do it. The show had to go on after all.  So we found a new supplier and placed our orders with them.

These new guys defined the word "Suck". As if to give me a preview of the impending craptacular experience, the sample tag they made for us was absolutely wrong. The colors were inverted and the star looked like a blob trying to take the shape of a star.


While our previous supplier would get the tags done in a week and ship to our shirt printers, these guys would normally take 2 weeks to print the tags. Now that wouldn't be so bad if that was the only problem. Somehow they managed to take a whole month to do the tags. And after they had completed the tags and shipped it to our printers, our printers called us to let us know that the tags were so badly done that there was no way they could use them. At a certain point your anger turns to a sad kind of laugh. The laugh you make when you realize that you've been tossed into a perfectly bad situation. Didn't even bother calling the suppliers as I was genuinely tired of dealing with them or even hearing their voices. So I went back to our previous supplier. That was when she told me that she was on vacation and that her employees should have taken care of me. To which I just laughed again and simply proceeded to place my order with them again. And in a timely fashion that I am accustomed to, the tags were done and shipped to our printers. This was all done in March. Way off the mark considering that it should have been released in January.
Anyway as they always say, "All is well that ends well. Our new shirt arrived today and I have to say it looks amazing. Well you be the judge. Check out Ronin.


Boomslank in the wild. Anime t-shirt watch.

So if you run a business, especially a small one, you get a really good high from seeing your products being utilized by strangers who you could never identify from Adam himself. Is a big difference when you see strangers wearing your anime graphic tee on the street or at a convention. 

Carwash- anime graphic t-shirt


Raiden anime graphic t-shirt

Pisces anime graphic t-shirt

Pisces anime graphic t-shirt


So a couple of weeks ago, my kid brother the artist told me that he is quitting his job at Walgreen. He plans to pursue a full-time job as a free lancer. I gotta say I was over joyed to hear that. Here I was preaching about following your passion and not actually having the gut to do it. And my kid brother has taken the first step to realizing his dreams. And you know I'll be there every step of the way to lend whatever support I can.

Car Wash


Most people, who follow my art know I love mecha. But in that category I have a special spot for jets, specifically fighter jets! As a result I watch a lot of anime featuring jets like Macross (really love Macross zero!), Yukikaze and a new one, "sky crawlers". I am also a huge fan of the ace combat series. With "Car wash" I wanted to illustrate a scene of a small mercenary team. I created some new OCs (Original characters) Kenzo the pilot, Rachel the mechanic, and Sylvester the crew chief (who is not amused with the antics of her ace and mechanic). I really had fun creating these characters, maybe we will see them again XD



We're giving back.

After the disaster in Japan, I will admit , it never really crossed my mind to give back. Don't get me wrong I gave last year for the disaster in Haiti. But when you have your own problems, you tend to forget about the less fortunate. Anyways, tornadoes recently landed in our area and rendered a lot of neighbors homeless.Watching people in the area struggle to put their lives together, I sympathized greatly. I could feel their wishes for help of any kind. Then my mind went back to Japan. Those poor souls suffered a 1-2-3 punch of an earthquake, a tsunami , and a series of meltdowns. Talk about having a really bad day. I felt shame that I never considered giving anything to offer aid. Whatever my problems are, is nothing compared to what the folks in the "land of the rising sun" are dealing with.

Image is property of www.globalgiving.org

Long story short, my brother and I decided to print a shirt for the Japan earthquake tsunami relief fund. 30% of the proceeds will go to helping folks in Japan. The only thing we need to decide on is which organization to send our money. :) . So keep an eye out for the shirt.


Alright guys! Here is our first 100% guy approved design. HEHEHE. Is called flag. Although it will definitely look great on the ladies :-D . We hope you love it !

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More pics of Flag at our Flickr page

Gate Keeper

Gate is actually our first design. But we had to put it on hold cause we couldn't find anyone who could print that many colors on a shirt. After months of hunting , we finally found someone able to do it. Even at that , there were still some restrictions due the level of detail. Gate Keeper is definitely our flagship shirt and we are really happy to make it available to you all. :-)

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More pics of Gate Keeper at our Flickr page

Our very first design is up for sale!

A modest first for the Boomslank team. Airport is our first design and we plan on giving it away for free (Going for $1 since Paypal wouldn't allow us to put it up for $0). All you have to do is pay for shipping.
Given that this is our first try , I would say it is going to be our most important design. I consider it an important design because, it showed us quite a bit about the screen printing process and its limitations. This design has at least seven different grades of grey in it. However since it was a hand drawn image , the guys that printed it for us were only able to extract three colors thereby compromising some if its detail. Either way it came out great for three colors. Hope you folks don't mind. Our next design will be much better. :-)

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More pics of airport at our Flickr page

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