What is Boomslank?

"Boomslank" - a term conjured from thin air during a quest for a unique web URL. If you've battled the dragon of domain-name hunting, you understand the struggle. We nearly became "Boomslang," until we discovered it's a lethal snake!

But let's rewind a bit. The essence of Boomslank sprouted from our unwavering desire to pursue happiness. We three brothers have long been disciples of anime, submerging ourselves in everything from manga to video games (Final Fantasy, anyone?). And yet, amidst our love for this universe, we craved originality.

So, Boomslank came to life. We noticed an over-reliance on licensed artwork in the anime T-shirt realm, lacking the original aesthetic we adored. Thus, we embarked on creating an anime brand rooted in distinctive artistry, a style that resonated with us.

The journey has been a thrill, and we're just gearing up. Strap in, we've only just ignited the engines of this epic adventure.

Our first designs

Airport, our very first design

This is a black and white version of Airport, our very first design... Good times.

Airport, in color

We eventually, created a colored version of it.

Collabs we've done.

Boomslank x Crunchyroll

Our very first t-shirt collab with Crunchyroll.

Boomslank x Fakku

Skate Deck collab with Fakku.

Boomslank x Crunchyroll

Our second t-shirt collab with Crunchyroll