There needs to be an anime show about Chess.

Image credit goes to another artist. I wish I knew who made it. :-/


Seriously some studio please do something about this. There is anime about basketball, tennis, puzzle solving, card playing, swimming and even biking. And the list goes on actually. But I am yet to see one about chess. Why my fervent interest in an anime show on chess ? You might ask. Well, lets start with the obvious fact that I love chess... and I love anime. And I love it when anime glamorizes something as mundane as swimming. When it comes to making a classic anime about anything, one is always treated to an amazing attention to detail you never experience with western counterparts. I am not even talking about the attention to details you observe in the artwork itself. I am talking about the attention to detail in the discipline of the mundane activity itself.

Take for example the show Yowapeda. It is a show about biking. I never thought I'd see a show about people riding bikes. But the people who created Yowapeda made it work. Every once in a while, the characters delve into certain things only a well versed cyclist would understand. Things like cadence, bike type and cycling style. And the best part is how accurate the statements are. Is crazy, I swear it feels like these anime writers/studios go far and beyond when they put together a show. 

So why not do the same for Chess? Come on guys you know you want to :) . Seriously it would be great. What better way to show your love for the details than to put on a show based on one of the most cerebral games out there. I can almost picture it now. A whole episode on just the opening for a match between two significant characters. The dramatization of the move of a single pawn. Even episodes on fancy chess boards, less than obvious grand masters, lots and lots of emphasis on strategy, even a bit of drama. IT WOULD BE AWESOME! SOMEBODY PLEASE DO IT! 

Unfortunately, I don't see it happening any time soon. Maybe a show based on the uprise of UFC would do. Granted Baki the Grappler may have taken care of that.. Not sure.

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