No we don't and here is why. There is a minimum number of tees required by our printers for each print job. So for an individual to come to us with a request for a custom tee, would mean having to print much more than one shirt. And I don't think the person would really appreciate purchasing more than ten custom tees from us.

Before the pandemic turned the world upside down, shipping within the US took 2-3 days. International shipping took at the most 5-14 days.

But we're seeing an average of 10-14 days for some orders within the US.
And occasionally, up to 2 months for international orders.

Our resident artist is P-shinobi. He is also the youngest of the brothers running this venture.

Nope. All our designs come straight from our artist's head. Basically they are all original artwork. And yes they are copyrighted. We avoid legal recourse by staying clear of licensed artwork. Besides where is the fun in redoing something someone else has already done and very well, I might add? :)

Short answer No. Longer answer Maybe. Currently we are low on capital and can't afford to bring anyone on board.

You can send us an email at support[at]boomslank.com