Original anime graphic tees and posters
Original anime graphic tees and posters

What the heck is a Boomslank?

The word Boomslank is completely made up. We came up with the word while looking for a web URL. If you've ever hunted for a domain name, you know how incredibly difficult it can be. At the time, the words Boomslang and Boomslank were available. We chose Boomslank when we realized that Boomslang was actually the name for a very deadly snake. 

Name aside, the idea behind Boomslank was born out of a strong need to do what makes us happy. My brothers and I, have been anime fans for a while. We've immersed ourselves in various subsets of anime. Ranging from the manga to the video games (Final Fantasy!), we love it all. At the same time we love originality. We started Boomslank because we noticed a lot of the anime tees out there relied heavily on already licensed artwork. There was nothing original out there with the aesthetics we love. So we set out to create an anime brand that was strictly based on original artwork and style that appealed to us.

So far things are going great and we are really enjoying the journey of trying to follow our dream. And believe me we've only just begun our journey.

Sizing for the tees (Click image to expand)


Based on typical sizing for American size t-shirts (which is about 1 dress size larger than world standards)


Forms of payment

We take pretty much all forms of payment except checks. This makes things easier for those who don't have a paypal account. 



Do you print custom tees

No we don't and here is why. There is a minimum number of tees required by our printers for each print job. So for an individual to come at us with a request for a custom tee, would mean having to print much more than one shirt. And I don't think the person would really appreciate purchasing more than ten custom tees from us.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

 Shipping within the US takes 2-3 days. International shipping will take at the most 5-14 days.


What  is your return policy?

In the rare occasion you didn't like your purchase, please return it within a week of receiving it, for a full refund.
Return address:

Boomslank LLC
321-105 Gilman Lane
Raleigh, NC 27610

Who does your drawings?

Our resident artisit is P-shinobi. He is also the youngest of the brothers running this venture.


Can you print me a Naruto graphic tee?

Nope. All our designs come straight from our artist's head. Basically they are all original artwork. And yes they are copyrighted. We avoid legal recourse by staying clear of licensed artwork. Besides where is the fun in redoing something someone else has already done and very well, I might add? :)


Are you hiring artists?

Short answer No. Longer answer Maybe. Currently we are low on capital and can't afford to bring anyone on board. However we have received a surprising number of requests to work for us. We have also considered a setup where individual drawings are ranked for printing. Sorta like what Threadless has going.


How can I contact you?

You can send us an email at support[at]boomslank.com