Impossibility and possibility are both products of your personal perception.

I believe Henry Ford said it best; "Whether you can or cannot, you're right". Basically is up to you when it comes to what you want to get out of life. 
Running a business is truly a challenging experience. Keeping it profitable is even harder. Every once in a while I am greeted with self doubt. Questions about what I would like to get out of Boomslank sometimes haunt me. But I think it is natural. Anything worth doing is never going to be easy. The difficulty, is a hurdle that filters out those that truly want to achieve the specific goal and those that are in it for the wrong reasons. 

My dream is to run our anime brand Boomslank from a small office, thats designed with our own aesthetics. This office would only be a couple miles away from my house, where I can ride my bike back forth in between. That to me is my idea of sucess. Getting there is going to be a tough journey. But I think my brothers and I can do it. :) . Any time I feel discouraged, I read about people who met success under more daunting circumstances.  Speaking of one such person, here is a short story on Ronal McNair as narrated by his brother.

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