Robot Girls Z: Not Nichijou, but It'll Do

One of my new favorite genres has been the slice-of-life anime comedies. These shows don't seem to have a real plot, which I really appreciate (my attention span is not the best), and they are just flat out hilarious. I call them the Seinfelds of anime. We all know the greats like Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou. With those shows having run their course, it is time we found a new one, and I think the makers of Robot Girls Z may have just delivered.
Robot Girl Z is one of the latest productions by Toei, and is a straight up parody of classic mech shows. It follows three girls (Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Grendizer) and their clashes with and evil organization called the Underground Empire. Even their names are parodies! Most if not all the characters poke fun at a specific classic Toei mecha, which is just smart business since fans of Robot Girls Z find themselves checking out shows like Grendizer. I know I did.


Like any good slice-of-life comedy, this show doesn't even pretend it wants to be taken seriously. This may not be preferred by everyone, as I'm sure some people don't want to feel like they are watching an improv act when they watch anime. That said, if you are like me, and thought there was no future after Nichijou, I think you may find Robot Girls Z to be suitable consolation.
Though I must warn of significant ecchi themes, which may bother some.
I found myself laughing uncontrollably, and then sinking into sadness when I reached the last released episode. But Crunchyroll shows a new episode coming soon so I'm happy again! I strongly recommend that everyone check out Robot Girls Z. I'll just be sitting on my hands waiting for episode 3. Till then, keep watching, friends!

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