Infinite Ryvius- An Anime Hidden Gem

Infinite Ryvius
What happens a bunch of kids are stranded on a top secret space ship and forced to grow up real quick? Awesome things! Well not awesome for some of the characters in Infinite Ryvius (so many miserable kids), but awesome for anyone who watches this hidden marvel of anime genius.


Infinite Ryvius tells the story of Kouji. a boy who would ideally avoid conflict, his brother Yuki who seems to welcome conflict, and his classmates who find themselves loitering through space in a powerful spaceship called the Ryvius. We get to watch as they try to build a functioning society within this ship, and deal with all manner of peril both internal and external. I am deliberately keeping the explanation simple because I don't want to accidentally throw in a spoiler. Thrust me, this show is anything but simple.


One think I really liked about IR is the mech design. It is good to see that mechs don't need to look like Gundams to be cool (I see you too, Zone of the Enders). Nothing about the mechs are traditional especially the way they are controlled. Think puppets with wires. I'm an engineer by day, so i thought that mess was cool.  

Lastly as a bonus, Infinte Ryvius also boasts an interesting sound track. I mean the show is good from all angles. I strongly strongly recommend this show to everyone. In a perfect world I would like to see a bunch of Neya cosplays at my next con. This has to be one of the most criminally underrated shows out there. If you're anything like me, you'll start using Vital Guarder as your handle for all video games afterwards. Go watch it people. You will not regret it.

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