Airport is actually our first  anime t-shirt ever. When we had it printed, we had no idea what the printing process entailed. We only later learned of the limitations of the process. Our original Airport design had a manga style inspiration. We were pretty excited about it. We were pretty sure it would print. When we got in touch with our printer, she immediately made her concerns known. She enlightened us on the limitations of screen printing and color budgeting. Despite all that, we went ahead and asked to have it printed, regardless of how it make come out. It came out pretty good actually. 

Being our very first attempt at printing a shirt, we lacked the confidence to sell them at full price. So we set out to do something that turned out to be remarkably stupid. We launched our store selling the shirt for a dollar. Yes $1! While the shirts were obviously all gone in under 24 hours, we surprisingly annoyed a lot of people who felt the shirt should have been worth a lot more.

Later on we decided to reprint Airport in color. Again we created something our fans loved. But my brothers and I, still felt that it missed something. While our fans loved it, we felt that the coloring could be better. In doing the reprint we still hadn't learned our lessons on the quirky nature of screen printing. This remained a thorn in our sides. While we felt strongly on the need to improve Airport, our fans kept asking about it. Their peaked interested only strengthened our resolve to eventually improve on this pilot shirt. So we set out to recreate Airport again. 

I don't have a picture yet because it will be coming in tomorrow. So stay tuned.  :)

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