Boomslank at the Con: Animazement 2014

animazement 2014
Man how long has it been? October 2015, soooooo....7 months? 7 months since our last con! You better believe we were long overdue! After missing out on Ichibancon this year (technical difficulties, long story), my brothers and I were stating to feel that itch, you know, the con itch. We already had our registration in the bag, all we had to do was make it to May. Slowly but surely, May arrived, and it was time for Animazement!


Animazement! Uber Alles!

Where do I begin with Animazement? Well besides being the most awesome Con around......well....that's about it really. I cannot overstate the importance of this con to Boomslank. This is our home. We were, for all intents and purposes, born there. Be it Animazement 2011 when our art was so well received in the auction room, or Animazement 2012 when Mayu Shinjou fangirled over our Soundflow shirt, or Animazement 2013 where I watched P-Shinobi's face light up as he signed autographs, this con has been good to us. It would've been unhealthy to miss it.


Dealer Room

animazement 2014

So this year we decided to do the dealer room for the first time. Up till now we have only done the Artist Alley, but for a few reasons we felt it was time to switch it up. First of all, we love the alley, love love love it. We love sitting next to fellow artists, gabbing about this and that. We made several contacts, and a few friends. We wish we could stay in the alley every year, but the more we thought about it, it started to seem obvious that that may not be best. Boomslank has grown a lot over the years. Quite simply put, we have a lot of.....stuff, and the alley just didn't have room for all our...stuff. Those of you that saw us know what I'm talking about. Lastly, something felt wrong about going into the alley with so much merch. It wasn't in the spirit of what the alley is about, and we felt that alley table would be more appreciated by someone else. All things considered, the move worked very well for us.


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Cosplay Funplay!

animazement cosplay

Thanks to a  fantastic season, we were not left wanting for brilliant cosplays. As expected, there were some fantastic Kill La Kills, the obligatory AoT swarms, Hunter X Hunter (we saw an understated but excellent Killua), and so on. I would have really really loved to see the Angemon though! I missed that guy unfortunately and that upsets me. My brother and I had actually planned on cosplaying for this con, but our stuff wasn't delivered on time unfortunately :{. Oh well, all the more reason for us to be excited for next year!

animazement cosplay


The Fans!

boomslank fans

Man....what more can I say about the fans? Do I think they are the best? Absolutely. But do I think they are the damndest best? You bet your ass I do! It is still so very overwhelming the love that they show for P-Shinobi and Boomslank. The best part is how it never gets old year after year. I can watch him sign prints a million times and never get tired of it. Not to mention the warm and fuzzy feeling from seeing people just walking around with one of our shirts on! You can't buy that feeling! I know it's cliche, but we would not be here without you. We love what we do, but your love motivates us to keep doing it, and keep getting better at it. We can't thank you enough.



animazement dealer room

It felt really good to be back in our home con. No matter what Boomslank becomes in the future, we hope to be able to make it here every year. We apologize to any of our fans that tried to find us in the artist alley but couldn't. I hope you eventually found us when you made it to the dealer room. To the organizers, as far as I could tell, it was a well run con and you guys did a great job. I do think the alley should be moved back to the meeting area, but that's the one change I would make. I guess now begins the waiting game till next year. Till then friends, thank you for another great Animazement!!

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