Anime World


On days like this, a Saturday when I have absolutely nothing to do, I always find myself wishing I could escape to the world of my favorite anime. Actually this happens on all the other days too :).


I'd say the top of my list is probably Digimon. Having a super powerful computerized pet that does my bidding, I mean how sweet is that? Pretty much like having a robot, so no animal rights conflicts there (looking at you, Pokemon).Of course it would need to come without the responsibility of saving the digital world and all that jazz. Can't I just ride my Metal Garurumon to work in peace without worrying about what Myotismon is up to?


Then of course, Gundam. I think I could totally pilot Epyon way better than Zechs ever did. Then I remember that those guys are fighting a war, and I am no soldier. Piloting a Gundam is not a game folks.


I guess that's another thing that anime (and the arts in general) gives us. It brings our imaginations to life. What about you? What's your fantasy?X

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