I know we don't release enough designs quickly enough. I am aware and I am sorry about that. But when we do, we only release things we are proud of. And Reflection is no exception. Reflection is a first in one particular way. Is our first anime t-shirt to come with an anime short (35sec to be exact) . 

That 35 second short was one of the most challenging things my kid brother has ever done. Up until before the animation, we had an idea that animation was a very time consuming process, but we had no idea just how much dedication it required. Attention to detail is not a luxury in animation, is a necessity. You can't animate a girl walking without accounting for how her articles of clothing will reacting to the motion. Any activity you add to the story is an exponential contribution to the amount of work needed. But at the end of the work, you can't help but be proud... very very proud.

Our shirt Reflection shirt comes in a nice blue color. We figured we'd add some variety to our color selection. :) Buy it here.


Hope to get my brother to do a piece on how he made the animation. Am sure a lot of you would appreciate that.

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