Boomslank at the Con: Anime Expo 2015 Loot

After a one year absence, we made it back to the notorious Anime Expo! Going to the largest con in North America was going to need all the preparation in the world to ensure that we made the most of it. Well we missed that memo :p. We didn't bring even half the inventory worthy of AX, and we started selling out of stuff on Thursday!!! It's all good though. We have learned our lesson, and our con game will be so strong next year you'll barely recognize it!

 This year I was on a personal mission to hunt down some new prints to put on my walls. It was all about originals, no fanart! Mind you there was a lot of awesome fanart (I had to tear myself away from a beautiful Ah My Goddess wallscroll). Nevertheless, we at Boomslank have a soft-spot for artists that "come original" to the con for obvious reasons.

So without further hesitation, here is my AX 2015 loot. I encourage you to look up these artists and show your appreciation for their skill and courage in bringing their original work to a con where fanart traditionally is king!

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality. I took them on my phone :P

Artist: Allison Stanley,

Artist - Camilla D'Erico,

Artist: Sarah René Straub,

Artist: Patara,

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