The Idea

The idea is pretty simple really. Nothing tech oriented like most startups out there. Our idea like I said is simple enough to describe in one sentence. "Print great art on T-shirts." . When I came up with this idea , I felt brilliant, till a little research on google revealed my obvious ignorance. There are thousands of graphic tee businesses out there. I mean there are literally thousands of these things. It was quite disheartening. However , I  shuddered off the shock of the discovery, cause I am quite confident in my idea. Our leverage is our niche. Which I must say is quite an untapped market. Err... our niche is a market that is quite catered to, but the product out there for our niche is sub par at best.
Notice I haven't made it clear what our niche is yet. I will reveal this once I am sure we 've been established. At the moment, there is still a bit of ground work to cover.

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