Seriously, you don't realize how little you know till you do a little research

So, about a year ago when I entertained the idea for the business, I was really excited about how easy it was going to be to launch it. Given that I had no clue what it takes to start a T-shirt printing
business, I was overwhelmed with misplaced hope and enthusiasm. It was not until I started my Easter hunt for the tools, resources and services I need , did I realize that it was actually quite challenging. I say challenging as a relative problem of course. Remember I don't know the first thing about printing a T-shirt. All I have is an idea and substantial passion for the idea. The immediate challenge made me realize why not everyone was out there printing t-shirts. Anyway , for those of you who are considering starting a venture of this nature. Here are a couple of things to take into account.

1) Adding up all your cost of production.
You would be surprise what it takes to print these things. You need figure out how much it will cost to print the shirt, relabel the shirt (assuming you are shooting for the stars) .
In some cases the cost of the blank shirts. (That is if you have a specific taste in fabric)

2) Figure out how many colors you can pull off on the T-shirt. HEHEHE this one got me. I was under the impression , there was no limit to colors when it came to screen printing.
I was dead wrong. Could be the town I live in, but there is a shortage of screen printing services out there willing to print shirts with what I consider to be a decent number of colors.
You are either going to search really hard and even have to fly out or come to a compromise.

3) Shipping and handling
Tough one in my opinion. All I can say about this one is to take a look at . The person that wrote this , practically answered a ton of the questions I had.

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