Our very first design is up for sale!

A modest first for the Boomslank team. Airport is our first design and we plan on giving it away for free (Going for $1 since Paypal wouldn't allow us to put it up for $0). All you have to do is pay for shipping.
Given that this is our first try , I would say it is going to be our most important design. I consider it an important design because, it showed us quite a bit about the screen printing process and its limitations. This design has at least seven different grades of grey in it. However since it was a hand drawn image , the guys that printed it for us were only able to extract three colors thereby compromising some if its detail. Either way it came out great for three colors. Hope you folks don't mind. Our next design will be much better. :-)

Buy the shirt at Boomslank.com
More pics of airport at our Flickr page

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