Money and time

Lets face it . Things are not moving at the pace I had imagined 6 months ago. And unfortunately this is a problem I have no control over. Our designs are done by one person. And each one from conception to materialization takes almost a month. Then there is the jarring process of synching up with the printers to make sure what we see is what we get. That part takes a whole day. Then the printing process itself that takes a good 3 weeks and some change. So all in all you are looking at almost 2 months for a design. Not the image of german like efficiency I had ignorantly anticipated.
Another issue which isn't as daunting but will be soon is funding. Boomslank consists of an entry-level software engineer in Cisco who has a mortgage and college tuitions to help pay for and a Walgreen employee. Between the two of us money is still a precious commodity. Currently the cost of production (price per shirt) is rather on the steep side. In order to reasonably increase our profit margin and attract more customers with better price points , we need to order in bulk. Which is quite unreasonable at the moment. We need every penny spread out of over multiple designs. And we can't attract more customers without a wider spread of designs. Yet we can't attract more customers without more affordable price points. Not to mention that as we order more shirts and sell at a slow pace we will eventually exhaust our reserves and will probably have to resolve to the unsavory act of opening up a line of credit and boring money from banks at highway robbery interest rates (Which by the way I have already done . :-( )

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