Coming soon.

5 New designs coming soon.

A lot has happened since our last design. We are now a registered business! (Boomslank LLC) :D and we've researched into getting custom tags for branding sake(All these things cost money :-( ). But in a couple of days we will be presenting our latest designs and we are really excited about that.

This venture is teaching my brother and I a lot. Not only are we learning a bit about the challenges of starting a business, but we are also getting a candid insight into our individual flaws. My main flaw for example, is impulsiveness. I am the kind of person that wants to get something taken care of as soon as possible . This problem in most cases has led me to either spending too much on something which could have been avoided with careful time allotted to research. You know you really have a problem, when everyone tells you the same thing about yourself. Also you know you have to change, when you notice this trait is costing you. LOL . So there... that's one of my flaws. But anyway , this post was to announce the coming of 5 new designs. So I'll leave it at that. :D

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