We're giving back.

After the disaster in Japan, I will admit , it never really crossed my mind to give back. Don't get me wrong I gave last year for the disaster in Haiti. But when you have your own problems, you tend to forget about the less fortunate. Anyways, tornadoes recently landed in our area and rendered a lot of neighbors homeless. Watching people in the area struggle to put their lives together, I sympathized greatly. I could feel their wishes for help of any kind. Then my mind went back to Japan. Those poor souls suffered a 1-2-3 punch of an earthquake, a tsunami , and a series of meltdowns. Talk about having a really bad day. I felt shame that I never considered giving anything to offer aid. Whatever my problems are, is nothing compared to what the folks in the "land of the rising sun" are dealing with.


Long story short, my brother and I decided to print a shirt for the Japan earthquake tsunami relief fund. 30% of the proceeds will go to helping folks in Japan. The only thing we need to decide on is which organization to send our money. :) . So keep an eye out for the shirt.


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