Rest in peace Jonas Bevacqua

So I just found out that Jonas Bevacqua, one of the founders of L-R-G has passed away. Naturally I was really shocked to hear that. I am always shocked/really disturbed when I hear someone below 65 has died. Don't want to go into full details why, but the obvious being that I feel the person has missed out on many adventures in life.

I learned about Jonas, while looking for successful clothing brand owners. I enjoy reading the rags to riches tales of people who started from almost nothing to living a life that is almost insulting to the middle class. I find these stories inspiring. In one such article it talks about Jonas's many exotic cars. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't spend my success on multiple cars. I'd rather spend it on real estate and a kick ass lab that would almost rival Tony Stark's.

So when I heard about his death, I decided to do a short research on the guy. Here is an interview with Jonas that I really liked.


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