Melodies of life

Those of you that follow us on the book of faces saw our recent post of "Akatsuki no Kuruma" from Gundam Seed. Super awesome song, and always makes me happy when I hear it. Here's another one of my favorites. This one though makes me want to punch a brick wall and turn over trash cans.


I have a theme for every mood. I'm sure you do too.

Finished streaming Red Garden over the weekend. The site had only an English dubbed version. I began to wonder if there was any other version of it, especially after seeing the trailer, but I digress.


In spite of the English, and this slightly silly trailer, it was actually a very good show. Not particularly action packed, but the characters were super engaging. The story was well put together, though there were a few questions for which I didn't feel like I got a perfect explanation. Watch it yourselves and see if you have any questions yourselves. All in all I give it a B grade, but I still recommend it.

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