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summer wars

summer wars

summer wars

Hey Guys, I have received some requests about maybe doing some kind of tutorial. So I decided to use my new drawing to show the general process in my drawings. I basically draw in three “steps”.

Step 1, this is where I have the general idea and start to put it down on paper. For me this is the hardest step because I am not entirely sure of the direction I am going with the drawing. I use light lines and pretty much scribble away until I start to see the drawing take shape.

In Step 2, I have a better idea of what I want, so I use a dark thin mechanical pencil (.5) to darken the lines I want, and carefully erase the rest.

In Step 3 I scan the pencil artwork and using SAI or Photoshop I make a line art and add color. That's a very simple description of my drawing process, many artists have different styles, there is no one true process. The most important thing is to practice, develop your own signature style and enjoy the process! ^_^

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