Happy New Year!!!

New year

Happy New Year!!!. Aren't you glad to see this year? I sure am. Is been a while folks. Been on a long hiatus. A number of reasons including procrastination has made it impossible for me to write anything.

Well for starters I finally had that surgery for my torn ACL (Never playing football again... I am a soccer person... What the heck was I thinking?). And the surgery though it was necessary was far more incapacitating than the injury itself. For a week I was in pretty impressive pain and my knee was so swollen you could hear the fluid move around in it. Ok that was kinda gross... but I was trying to make a point. Then there was the new site. Yea we re-designed our site again. I had this crazy idea that google likes websites with content (SEO optimization 101). So I decided that we should probably go with a site that allows for the publishing of content such as new artwork. That project took up a bit of my time since I had to conjure up old coding skills I abandoned a while back. After maybe 3 weeks of my whole life invested, voila the new site!

Anyway, there was also the part I hated. For instance the bureaucracy involved in trying to get your business running legitimately. Had to acquire a business license. This turned out to be far more depressing and unnecessary than I had imagined it would be. That experience actually drained me mentally. I came out of that experience feeling cynical about certain things. In between this, there were bouts of lethargy that I couldn't account for.

Long story short, is a new year! Renewed vigor and all that good stuff. Time to get back on the horse and continue riding this uncharted desert. This year is certainly going to be better than last year... I mean it has to be. Oh btw expect an announcement for a new shirt soon :D

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