Short Street Fighter movie

For a while I ate and drank Tekken, till I met some guys that humiliated me out of playing the game. So I guess it is true after all that there will always be someone better than you at something. In my case that person was many leagues ahead.

Needless to say I lost all bragging rights at that faithful Tekken tournament. Since then I have shifted interest to the low impact games like Final Fantasy(Final Fantasy is addictive). My relationship to Tekken was reduced to just watching fan made movies.

I have had the displeasure of watching some crappy fan made Tekken or Street fighter films. The martial art stunts were either elementary or the dialogue rivaled a childish banter between infants. But this particular one wasn't bad at all. I especially liked the Kazuya character they portrayed. The actor may not have resembled Kazuya, but he definitely recreated his mannerisms right down to the way Kazuya sprints to an opponent just before he puts the poor soul through unreal pain.

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