Animazement Loot!

This blog is a little late (actually really late >_>")...
This is the first of a two part journal entry about my Animazement experience (actually went with my big brother Kevin lots of help!!).

We participated in the artist Alley (more pics to come) But I really want to highlight some of the OMFG amazing talent of the other artist there!! O__O"

Needless to say I paid homage to these masters! purchased their beautiful work and adorned my room with them. I love the feeling in here and the inspiration I get from them.

Here are some of the artist we met
Donald T. McCullough Very friendly dude and amazing artist!
Coey Kuhn Amazing... Just Amazing
Solestio Fellow T-shirt designer!
Garth Graham Western style was a refreshing change of pace!
Danielle Marciniak Her work was featured in ImagineFX nough said!
Chiou Her work is simply some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. My brother and I both bought from her!
Danielle Sylvan Dernoga saved her for last on purpose. She was like our neighbor in animazement. Easily one of the coolest people I have ever met. Her art style drop dead gorgeous!! (I got three of her work)

I met many other artists I wanted to highlight (but I have lost a few business cards) if you see your art in the photos please contact me thanx! ^_^

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