Owning a Roku


I don't remember the last time I watched live TV. Heck I don't remember the last time I sat down and channel surfed. These days, I mainly come back from work and sift through my DVR for choice shows. Tried to give up cable but the wonderful people at time warner threatened to raise my bill to hilariously high levels should I unbundle my internet and cable. So I punked out and I am still stuck with a cable service I don't care about (At least for a year). Currently I consume content via my Roku and Apple TV. I own a first generation apple tv (better than the newer generations in my opinion). I bought the Roku XS because I was tired of having to rent anything I watched on the Apple TV. You're probably wondering "Why doesn't this genius get a Netflix account? :-| ". I used to own a Netflix account. I dropped it like a lead brick after a year. Somehow they managed to have everything I didn't want and nothing I wanted to watch. For instance, do you know I might be the only person on the planet that hasn't seen Gladiator? I tried looking it up on Netflix, alas it was only available on DVD. I wanted to watch it now not two or three days later after I ask for the DVD.


Anyway enter the Roku. Unlike my apple TV, it hosts a good number of great content providers including Hulu Plus, Vimeo (love Vimeo!) , Crackle and yes Netflix. You can even choose to buy other channels for your Roku. I bought my Roku 3 weeks ago; and boy, anime on Hulu never looked better on the wide-screen. The following three days were spent watching anime. Lots and Lots of it.
I picked up 4 new shows. Another, Future Diary, Deadman Wonderland and Skullman. All great shows by the way. Skullman was my least favorite.

[caption id="attachment_1614" align="alignnone" width="300"] another[/caption]

If you haven't seen Another, I'd highly recommend you do. I have always wondered if horror could be effectively rendered in animation. After watching Another, I was quite convinced is very possible to pull off a good horror anime show. I will stay away from spoiling the show for anyone and just say that Another was superb. If you love watching shows where complete bedlam is in the forecast, then Another will definitely not disappoint you.  Two things Deadman Wonderland and Future Diary have in common would be a very weak male lead character. Might sound misogynistic, but I found it very funny how the male lead characters were so dependent on their female companions. While trying to avoid divulging critical details, I will say that both shows offered redeeming moments for each character. Both very good shows.  So far at 8 bucks a month, I am happy with my Roku. My only wish is that time warner could finally do something right. Which is let me cancel my account without stupid threats.

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