Sword Art Online is like watching a Final Fantasy game

I let me just start off by saying that I love my Roku! As an Apple disciple it took me a while to overcome my natural bias for anything that wouldn't fit into the Mac ecosystem I created for myself at home. But buying the Roku is one of the smartest things I have done with my money this year. Hulu plus on the Roku is such an awesome combination when it comes to anime. And I sure have been getting my feel of new anime in decent HD fashion :D !

Sword art online Along the list of anime shows I didn't know existed is Sword Art Online. The premise of the show is almost reminiscent of .Hack Sign without the boredom and confusion I feel when I watch it.
The whole idea, is to build up your character (level-up) in this virtual world so that you can take on the crazy boss at the very top of this multi-level tower/castle construct. I can only say very little about the show because I don't want to ruin for anyone.
But if you've played any of the Final Fantasy games, you will really appreciate this show. That feeling of leveling up, picking up rare items, undertaking crazy difficult missions, it all comes gushing back when you watch the show.

To be honest, is a welcomed change in pace from the typical anime genres I have been exposed to so far.
I highly recommend watching the show. Personal opinion aside, one can appreciate its approach to showing MMORPG in a relatable way.

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