CrunchyRoll Premium ..Oh boy


It was mere chance that I thought I'd checkout crunchyroll. I was hungry for some good anime as usual. Then I found out that crunchyroll allows you to connect your Roku player to a premium account. To sweeten the pot, they offer you the first two weeks of crunchyroll premium for free. I was hooked. And boy crunchyroll is packing heat when it comes to anime shows I have never seen before.

I was in serious trouble. You see I have an addictive personality. I tend to get carried away with my shows. I can spend a whole day consuming a full season. My couch will be forever molded to the shape of my body. Such is the nature of my addictive personality. Lets just say I am glad I have no interest in trying cocaine because, that would spell the end of me. Anyway, I already have a play list of series that I am excited about.

  • Saint Seiya (Lost Canvas) (Simple art style but enjoyable characters)
  • BTOOOM (Interesting story. I am not sure why it reminds me of Gantz
  • Bakemonogatari (I have no idea what happens in the show, yet I still watch it)
  • Magi (I have a good feeling about this one)
  • Kamisama Dolls (I like this show. I am still not sure why)
  • HeroMan (I watch this guy when there is no available episodes from the other series

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