Practice makes perfect.

A lot of people have asked my brother to put up video tutorials on his process. Believe me , we actually think that's a good idea. We will have to get to it sometime. Would give us an excuse to have a proper Youtube channel. In the meantime I would point out that nothing improves skill like good old practice.


To help put things in perspective, my brother P-shinobi has been doing this for almost ten years. I don't have his earliest works, but I do have some of his drawings after he discovered Photoshop.


For a while his favorite things to draw were cars and dogs. Did I mention we love dogs in my family? Well we do. We all love dogs. Dogs are really loyal. They love you regardless of who you are. You could be a jerk to everyone, but your dog could care less. But I digress.


The funny thing, is that all 5 of us brothers loved to draw. We would always spend weekends having drawing competitions. We spent most of our times coming up with something to draw or creating original characters and accompanying them with stories. Over time, we all branched off to different passions except P-shinobi. He stuck around with the whole drawing thing.


Steadily the little guy got better and better. And I took notice.
The key point here, is that my brother enjoyed drawing. I think that's important to point out. If you don't enjoy the process, you wouldn't be able to stomach knowing that you have a long way to go. When you love drawing, you will only get better through practice.
Believe it or not, my brother doesn't think he is that good. But I think he is one of the best artists I know. I am his biggest fan. Till today, he still practices with every artwork he creates. So for those who are just starting out, just remember that my brother was right there. Just keep at it.

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