Embracing social media sites.

social media

I'll be the first to admit that I still don't get Twitter. And it sucks considering how popular and ubiquitous it is. Everyone tweets these days and very often I might add. If I didn't know better, I'd wager there is far more activity on Twitter than on the other social juggernaut Facebook. I tweet, from time to time. If you follow us on twitter you would see a mention of a new product or a post about a new blog write-up. Besides that, I can't seem to make Twitter second nature and it upsets me a little :(. Is almost like I don't know what it means to be cool hehehe :).

On twitter, I instinctively follow folks in the anime community. People like Danny Choo, Jacob Grady etc. I do have a mix of other things that kinda show my other interests. Like graphic designers, architects (yea architects), successful entrepreneurs and minimalist design bloggers. On the few occasions I log on to twitter, I generally check to see what interesting links are out there. I also tend to tweet a couple of things about mundane activities in my life. Those tend to get a lot of responses. Guess people can relate to the mundane more than they can with extra ordinary things. Anyway, I am still getting the hang of twitter. Working progress. Our Facebook page is literally my favorite hang out spot. I get to hear from our fans and I get to interact with them. Our Facebook fans are in every sense the word the best! :D . From the surprise words of encouragement to the random message about how we rock, our Facebook fans are a lot of fun to deal with. It is on our page, that Boomslank fans get to join us in our journey of
growing into a dream come true for me and my brothers. We began with Flickr actually. My brother has been on Flickr for as long as he could design on a computer. He goes by the name P-Shinobi. You should check him out if you haven't already. It was around 2005 , I started following my kid brother's work on Flickr. I was genuinely amazed at how quickly his skills improved. All I can say is thank God for WordPress. As a pseudo nerd, I tried coding up our own blogging platform. Talk about re-inventing the wheel. Needless to say it failed miserably. Getting the RSS feed to work was a task I had no clue where to begin tackling. Anyway, thank goodness for WordPress. It works so well and it is customizable. Making changes is a snap. And not to mention search engines love blogs. So that goes a long way to our marketing on shoe string budget. Youtube channel coming soon btw. ;)

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