Blue Serengeti


We've visited three conventions so far in the span of this year. Many more convention trips to come next year btw :D . What we found at each convention was a lot of interest in a one-off poster we sold at those conventions. This poster was known as the Blue Serengeti. People at the conventions would ask us if this particular poster was also sold on our online store. Unfortunately it wasn't at the time. So, a couple of weeks ago we figured, why not sell it?


Blue Serengeti was actually a trailer we created to announce the arrival of Pisces. But what we found was that a lot of people also loved it and hoped it would be poster.
And there you have it. Blue Serengeti is now available for purchase at our online store. Going at 28"x22" it is our largest poster. I am sure there are folks out there who can find this poster a loving home. :-) You can get the Blue Serengeti poster here

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